17 June 2013

What's in my handbag?

I've done a what's in your bag post before but it was some time ago. I would ordinarily avoid doing another post of the same type but my lifestyle and priorities were quite different then — I no longer carry around a calculator, my lab book or cycling gear, for one — so maybe it's worth re-visiting. Also, there are prizes to be won! MoneySupermarket.com are giving away Mulberry items worth over £1,000.

So, what's in my handbag? Usually a mixture (but perhaps not all) of the following:


Oxfam purse ... £10
Passport ... £75
Money ... £9
Stamps ... £3
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini + purple Cellapod case ... £205
Casio Exilim EX-Z85 9.1 MP camera ... £175
Specsavers glasses (+ black case) ... £150
Accessorise sunglasses ... £12
Tangle Teezer mini (Virgin Atlantic exclusive) ... £12
Red Moleskin diary ... £9
Black Moleskin notebook ... £10
SanDisk Cruzer 16 GB USB ... £10
Pens ... £3
Work badge
H&M knitted hat ... £6
Faux leather gloves ... £15
Water bottle
Beconase ... £9
Blink contact lens eye drops ... £6
Spare toric contact lenses ... £2
Nail file ... £2
Dove compressed Go Fresh Pomegranate Anti-Perspirant 75ml ... £3
Elizabeth Arden eight hour hand cream ... £13
Cath Kidston mirror ... £8
FLO Refillable perfume atomizer ... £10
The Body Shop strawberry body butter ... £6
Rimmel Royal lipgloss in 161 Delicious ... £4
Asthma inhalers
Eyelash curler ... £5
Hair clip ... £2
Collection2000 Super Size mascara in Black ... £3
Zirtek antihistamines ... £7
Kleenex ... £2

Not pictured

House keys
Amazon Kindle app books ... £16
Mozzypop faux leather handbag ... £30


Bringing the grand total to ... £830.


Sheit. That's a fair amount of investment inside my bag. Yikes! And it's also made me realise how many cosmetic and medicinal items I carry around, especially since a) I consider myself to be low maintenance and b) I barely use most of it. The majority of the items speak for themselves I would say. There may be times I will use a different bag, swap/leave out some items, carry foodstuffs, and maybe have my DSLR (which is at least £350 all-in!) but the current stocktake is fairly representative.

Some items were difficult to cost. For example, I pay for insurance on my mobile so if that were lost, stolen or damaged, it would be replaced 'free of charge'. And how much does someone pay to replace a set of house keys?

So, what's in your (hand)bag?


  1. I know what you mean about carrying round a lot of valuable items! I don't have an expensive smartphone (only an old cheap phone) but I've taken to carrying round my fab new camera (a Panasonic Lumix GF5) which amounts to an extra £300 squid in my handbag!! x

    1. It is quite scary how much we carry isn't it?! Thankfully, I pay for insurance on my phone so that doesn't feel so bad. Ooh that really is a fab new camera! I wouldn't mind one of those (especially now my DSLR seems to be on the blink. Again!). I'd quite like a compact DSLR.

  2. There is no way anyone is seeing inside my bag! A good idea I got from yours is the perfume atomiser thingy - I always seem to be lugging around 1 (or 2) heavy perfume bottles! x

    1. Aww why not? Yeah, I used to carry around perfume bottles as well so the atomiser was a welcome replacement. Although, I swear some of the perfume evaporates! It always seems to need refilling and it's not spilling inside my bag or anything. Must be the perfume pixies...

  3. So many iterms in a handbag..How can you do that?

  4. Wow! It is surprising to see how you are able to put up all those stuff inside a single bag. All of the contents are quite useful too. I remember a friend of mine carries expensive things inside her bag everyday that purchasing a handbag insurance would be a wise thing to do. LOL! In your case, the contents of your bag are simple yet very useful. =)

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