21 July 2013

#dreams 001

Whilst I don't normally contemplate blog topics at 5am,  I had a slight nocturnal lightbulb moment the other night. My dream had woken me up and, albeit potentially dull and so-very-everyday, I filed the content away as something I could perhaps share on the blog during periods of bloggers' block.

I'm reasonably intrigued by dreams and what they mean, when I can remember them, that is. So, then I thought perhaps why not have a dreams category on the blog. I'll admit, I thought this a better idea at 5am when still half-asleep and feel like a bit of a wally blogging about it now. But in the spirit of committing to an idea, I'm going to try it.

Here's the first instalment.

I'm sat on a monorail. 
The only times I've been on a monorail are at amusement parks and the airport which probably explains the definite feeling of overall jolliness about being on a monorail. Oh! This monorail is at work; it's for getting around the different departments and is high above the ground. I contemplate this entire scenario being a ridiculous idea but this is immediately subverted by the fact that it exists in a dream and they are the place of ridiculousness. 
It's my stop and I need to get off. But I'm not ready. I didn't know the stop would arrive so soon. I normally get ready super early when disembarking public transport so having to hurriedly gather all of my belongings in order not to miss my stop is quite a foreign feeling. 
My bag is open on the floor of the train, a book on my lap and my phone in my hand. My coat is draped over the seat to my right. I opt to cram everything into the bag and attempt to don my coat. It's summer surely, why do I have a coat? I just about manage to get one arm fully into one sleeve. I've already taken too long! The doors are in a strange place; at the front of the train rather than at the sides, and they've been open for a little while now. My expectation of people joining the train is unfulfilled. I have a feeling the train will soon begin to ready itself to depart. With me on it. I must get off. I'm standing. My seat was close enough to still make it so I make to run.
As I half-step, half-leap through the doors on to the platform, my thoughts rush. I realise three things; i) how strange the platform is; it is sloping downwards and will require me to ascend in order to make it to the real platform; ii) the train has slowly started to slink away; iii) my left arm is stuck inside my sleeve.
The platform is just that little too steep, and it's slippy! My balance is off. The dark wooden awning of the platform is ornate and pretty but there's nothing to hold on to. The faces of the people on the "real" platform are steel-like. They don't see me. No. One person has seen me; she lurches forward to take my arm, to pull me up the sloped platform. But I'm slipping. She can barely reach me.
Can I not just get back on the train? No. It has retreated too far. More people rush in and try to grab my hand, my coat, my bag, anything. And to hold on to the woman trying to save me, as the material of my coat is slowly ripped from her fingers. 
I know my face is like a deer caught in the headlights. No words come. 
And now I'm falling. Gravity has taken over. My mind realises it is too late; there is no way I can save myself now. No way anyone can. 
I will fall and I will hit the ground. 
I jolted so very hard out of that dream I almost sat bolt upright in bed. At least, that's how it felt! And I was wide awake.

For me, the interpretation was pretty obvious but for you to make the same assessment would require some information about current activities in my life that you don't possess.

So do I offer this out as a starter for 10? Yeah, why not. How would you interpret that?

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