15 July 2013

#Project365: June 2013

It was perhaps only a matter of time before my grip on blogging slipped because a) I've been super busy! But b) I have just about managed to keep up with Project365! Yay me. Although, I can't say I enjoyed bringing Flickr up to speed on that. So, it's time for another round up; June 2013.

1. Shopping, especially for some much needed sun-spectacles. 2. Dusting off a Christmas present only to discover none of my cake cases would fit. 3. Searching for a new abode. 4. Lunchtimes in the park near work. 5. A daisy in the same park.
6. Readying a work presentation. 7. A flirtation with Jay in The Great Gatsny. 8. GOSH Nail Lacquer 605 Blue Balloon. 9. A train ticket, and a visit to York and the university to give the aforementioned work presentation. 10. My nameplate at the symposium dinner with an award-winning chef.
11. Crabbies Ginger Beer. 12. My problem with unfinished books; one of my bad habits. 13. Coke, pour moi?! 14. Stamps. 15. Time to get my craft on.
16. Jen: sixteen years old and blonde. 17. What's in my handbag. 18. Leafing through my high school Record of Achievement. This a) an award for gymnastics, b) not my name. 19. Sunny days in Bristol's Castle Park plus an optical effect. 20. Impact Factor cake FTW!
21. All of my kitchen belongings removed and compiled without my approval. 22. Caipirnhia. 23. The beginnings of my ombre cake. 24. Ombre cake construction. 25. Ta-dah! Ombre cake! (blog post coming soon.) 
26. My cake competition winnings. #smug 27. I purchased me a Bobble to "make water better". 28. A day of fun and frolics at our summer company event. 29. A cloakroom system I found simple but quite impressive. 30. Bruno Loubet's Mange Tout which has almost nothing to do with the book itself. We started calling one of our friends 'mangetout' since almost every meal seemed to feature the pea. 
June certainly feels like more than 2 weeks ago. Especially since my July has been somewhat of a whirlwind!

I hope all the UK residents reading are enjoying the weather.

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