04 August 2013

#dreams 002

A hazy mixture of several dreams last night.

Being a guest at a wedding. My brother. An unanswered question. My violin. Tweed. London. Climbing a steep street someplace else. Grass. A missed meeting. An obnoxious American. A past friend. Visiting a craft store. Polite conversation with strangers. The feeling of waiting for something. And my watch missing all the numbers.

...I hadn't even had any cheese.

03 August 2013

#Project365: July 2013

Is it that time again, already? I've been rather lax on the blog this month. Again. Right, let's see what was happening in July.

1. Some more varieties of Ghirardelli chocolate from San Francisco that my colleague brought back from a conference. 2. A new necklace. 3. Strawberries and cream at Wimbledon-themed work charity event. 4. Passionfruit and rum punch at Turtle Bay, Bristol. 5. A boring photo: a training course at work.
6. A strawberry and banana smoothie from Zumo, Bristol. 7. Beautiful tapas with friends at Tinto Lounge, Bristol. We ordered the entire menu. 8. The lampshade suspended from the ceiling of my living room. 9. With the weather come my Birkenstocks. 10. The cork I kept from a bottle of Prosecco. 
11. Pink fizz and Channel 4's First Dates in a blurry photo. 12. Piiiizzzzzaaaaa! 13. My new comic book ring by from a Vintage Fair in Bristol. 14. Selfie, which I now dislike, actually. And Blogger has made up its own display rules for this image. 15. A sweet message from @amyeharvey.
16. The money HM Revenue & Customs owe me. 17. A flamingo ready for @tikidiki's party! 18. Breakfast at Tiffany's from @HotelEcho. 19. Vodka-soaked gummi bears at aforementioned party. 20. My new size 4 Toms, £25 in an Office sale. They were excruciatingly tight when I bought them but now fight perfectly. I want loads of other colours and designs now though!
21. Dreams. 22. My salmon dinner. 23. A market with tulip decorations and a bight blue sky. 24. A view from one of the several bridges straddling the River Avon, Bristol. 25. Our new wind chime with a solar-powered colour-cycling bauble.
26. Star Wars themed keyrings are popular, it seems. 27. Mind the gap: awaiting the train for a trip back to my hometown of Walsall for a hen do. 28. On my way back to Bristol. 29. Batman and Robin. Again, I have no idea why this won't display properly. I have tried to fix it, honest. 30. A very tasty blueberry cheesecake muffin from Sainsbury's.
31. A ridiculously large but wonderful burger from brace&browns, Bristol. I didn't manage to eat everything sadly.
Well, July went by in a whirr as well and August is set to be similar.