07 December 2013

Christmas spirit

I’m no Scrooge but how christmassy I feel varies from year to year. From 'I could not feel more christmassy if I tried’ to ‘Meh. Bring on January’.

Thus far, this year has fallen in to the latter; I’m just not feeling it. And I’d like to. So, I’ve been making the effort to introduce some Christmas spirit and cheer into the remainder of the month.

Food and drink
OK, these actually appeared reasonably early with November featuring glühwein, bratwurst and gingerbread at Christmas markets in Manchester and Bristol. I have extended this further by visiting venues that serve mulled cider surrounded by poinsettias.

Earlier this week, I decided a christmas jumper would be the perfect way to ignite some festive feelings and this green beauty from H&M was the perfect choice. It made an appearance at work the very next day with positive reviews. I might even wear it for the department's Christmas meal next week!

Advent calendar
You know you work with a bunch of fellow physicists when there’s an advent calendar featuring electronic components that allow you to build something new each day. Let me introduce to you the Conrad Adventskalender 2012. Yes, I do know what year it is. No it is not 2012. Just yesterday we built circuits for dynamic memory (what your PC does) and an LED dimmer (a dimmer switch, anyone?). And I’m not gonna lie, I almost pee’d my pants. Both times. I need to have one of these in my life. Every year. The other bonus? The instruction manual is in German, so we often have no idea what is going on. It’s great! Santa only knows what’s going to happen when we get to 24 components.

Desk decoration
The department Christmas decorations came out on Thursday. I opted for my homemade button-and-pin Christmas tree, some green tinsel and a couple of baubles dangling from the comers of the screen. My PC desktop background is also the 12 days of Christmas wallpaper as shown in yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday.

There is also a daily e-mail competition at work in which the winner is the proud custodian of the office advent calendar. A chocolate one this time! They also set the next day’s competition. Friday’s competition was to send a photo of the most decorated desk. Below is my entry.

I feel I need to explain the uber-Canadian soft toys. They belong to my co-worker and desk neighbour and I thought all the antlers would help me to secure a win. So momentarily adorned my desk with them. You’ll have to ask him why they’re all Canadian. Sadly, I didn’t win. This did. I had assumed it needed to be a photo of one’s own desk. But then, I voted for this entry also so was happy to see it win.

Secret Santa
Who doesn’t have one of these at work these days? The limit is £5 and I just have no idea what to get. Mainly because a) I don’t know the recipient so well and b) I’ve barely looked. Last year, I opted for a Birdies Impossipuzzle which was particularly popular. I’m not confident in repeating that level of success.

Christmas movies
There are some movies that really put you in the festive mood. When I was younger it was Santa ClausHome Alone and The Muppet Christmas Carol. It became somewhat of a sibling tradition to watch it on Christmas Eve and sing 'There’s only one more sleep 'til Christmas’. Loved it. As an adult, Elf worked its way in and The Holiday has become one of my guilty pleasures. That’s right; terribly chick-flicky, lovey-dovey nonsense. But I’m mostly OK with admitting that I like it. Die Hard has never been a Christmas movie for me. I must get some Christmas movies on!

Something tells me this is the main reason why I feel out of the Christmas loop; I have not sorted out a single gift for anyone. Zilch. Nada. I really must. I think the Pinterest Christmas Gift Guide, the website notonthehighstreet.com and Amazon might have to come to my rescue.

How do you get into the festive mood?

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  1. My husband (and probably my dad and father in law) would absolutely love that advent calendar! The other half is a mechanical engineer with an interest in electrical things and rebuiliding vintage vehicles, engines, jukeboxes, radios and anything else that goes wrong in our home so a calendar like that sounds fab! :-) x