02 December 2013

Me again!

The number of times I've done this is a little disappointing; picked up blogging, maintained some semblence of regular posting, only to then give up because I'm busy, have lost interest or have psyched myself out of how much I enjoy it/how much it's read/whether I have anything (remotely interesting) to say. This is of course followed by making another return some indeterminate time later with a post like this explaining/discussing/apologising for my absence. Rinse and repeat.

This time, I think writing just that is enough. We don’t need to rehash the reasons why. But also because it is clear that this is simply what I do. This is what happens over here on this blog. I'm rather envious of bloggers that manage to keep on top of their blogs. I’ve mostly come to terms with me not being good at that but I’m sure I will continue each time to promise myself that I’ll try harder.

So. Yeah. I've come back to blogging once more because I miss it. And I'm aware that pretty much nobody reads this thing. That's OK. I probably wouldn’t read a blog that had turned into a catalogue of regular and repeated blogging failings. I swear I am much more reliable in real life and actually stick to the projects I start!

It feels as though both quite a bit has happened — not all of which will be mentioned here, not because I don’t want to though — yet not much has changed either. I moved house and went to Rhodes and America once more for work; Denver this time. There are a few things on the horizon too including moving house again. Possibly even before Christmas!

The reasons I started blogging back in April still stand but I suppose there are a few more reasons I want to start blogging again. For one, I’m really disappointed I let Project365 slip! It was great fun despite sometimes being difficult to take a picture of something interesting every single day. If I'm strict with myself, I know I can’t just start again with a gaping hole between mid-August and now but that is essentially what I want to do; to cheat I suppose. I certainly don’t want those photos to go to waste. I shall consider this further.

Something else I realised: I don’t really do anything. Hobbies-wise I mean; I do have a job, for the record. I’m not sure I can count quizzing as a hobby; it is a subset of socialising really, or watching TV series. I don’t sing in a choir anymore, the gym is a long distant memory and I dropped the blogging ball. Hence, I have decided it is high time I got another hobby again. Although I'm sure going back to the gym wouldn't hurt either!

To that end, I am planning to take up an introductory sewing course with Bristol’s adult education centre; Folk House. I'm already reasonably crafty, have sewn before, at school and with my mom, cross-stitched for years, and have knitted and crocheted and customised clothes a little. So thought it would be a pretty good fit. Plus, I'm interested in their dressmaking course but if you’ve not used a sewing machine before (that's pretty much me!), they recommend taking the introductory sewing course first, or it is in fact required, I forget. My discovery of this is all thanks to my lovely friend and colleague Amy over at Amy’s Quick Unpick.

I’ve also started reading a lot again, and have in fact joined a book club. So along with the other features around the blog — ScienceProject365#dreams — I’ve added the Bookshelf tab listing the books I’ve read (or am currently reading), which I am slowly updating. Although, I don't have any plans to post reviews.

Anyway, that'll do for now. It’s nice to be here again. *waves!*


  1. I read! I'm still here! :-) No need to apologise though, don't worry about having a break from blogging - sometimes there's more important things to life than writing a blog :-) x

    1. Aww thanks Louisa! Nice to have you as a reader. :D