07 January 2014

Grand plans for 2014

...7 days late. A good start then?

That wasn't supposed to happen! It's mostly due to spending the last week unpacking and settling in to my new abode. This has involved multiple trips to IKEA, including an incident with a plethora of fabric and perspex based organisational containers. But I mean look. at. these. Basically, the happiest woman alive I was when I saw/bought these.


OK. The topic at hand. I'm going to break this to you slowly. There is no grand plan for 2014. And no, 'winging it' is not quite what I mean. 

A couple of years ago now, I decided new year's resolutions and I don't mix. They mostly defeat their intended purpose. In fact, they often make me feel bad about myself and my obvious inability to complete on the somewhat wildly optimistic goals I set myself in the first place. Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Don't get me wrong, I want to do all of those usual things; eat better, spend less, save money, drink more water, exercise more, etc., etc. And I will try to do all of those. Basically, be a grown up. But I don't think I need to write all of those in a list, do I? Or that I need to measure them. And if I did measure them, I would've already deviated from the path of resolution. See initial point re: spending.

So, instead, I have decided on a collection of things that I want to do. That's right; want. And not because I should. Or because it's right. But because they're what I want to do.
FRIENDSHIPS. There are a lot of old friends I have not necessarily neglected, but have missed the opportunity to spend time with, even before 2013. This year, I want to rectify that and spend some quality time with them. Travel might be a little costly but I'll take the hit. 
BLOG. I get a lot of enjoyment out of blogging, and connecting with other bloggers, so I really want to continue that, if not expand upon it. Already, I have a list of topics and ideas that I'm eager to share! I went to a blogging event once, perhaps 2014 could present another opportunity. 
CRAFT. Signing up for a sewing class for the new year at the end of 2013 means I have already started to head in this direction; one of increased craftiness. Some time ago on the blog I spoke of my need to seek out and begin projects, particularly those which feel slightly out of my reach; as if I might almost be biting off more than I can chew. This is all subconscious but I've realised, since my departure from university and research, I do this to keep my mind active and stimulate my need for a steady stream of challenges followed by accomplishments. Something tells me 10 weeks of this (where, right now, I am fully expecting to absolutely suck at sewing! based on no data whatsoever) along with learning a 'new' skill will be good for me. I'm excited! 
READ. My love of reading is something that slowly slipped away from me during my years at university. Specifically, reading fiction during my research degree had far too much guilt attached to it. But I can now read as much as I like, guilt-free! My list is growing. 
EXPLORE. In short, I just want to do more. A previous year's resolution centred around getting better at saying 'no'. Whilst this isn't about saying 'yes' more – being selective is still important – I want to go out there and have a go at things. Lots of things. Especially those things I can't envisage myself doing or find way out of my comfort zone. Most of all, I want to have a lot of fun doing it.
DECISIONS. BE OPEN. It seems making decisions on where I want my life to go is fluttering around in the background. Not in an oppressive way. More in an inquisitive way. I'm having a great time at the moment; things in Bristol are still very fresh having moved here just 16 months ago. But I want to keep myself open to opportunities and places. This applies to my job, too; there are still enough aspects of my job that I find interesting and a challenge. There are parts of the world I really want to explore, things I want to discover, people I want to meet. As time fans out, it's easy to let the (negative) things that happen stop you from venturing further. I really want to avoid that. I've had reasonable success so far and would like to continue in the same vein. Uh-oh, this now sounds so serious. Being open was perhaps more what I meant. Yes; that.
As you can probably see, my 2014 'wants' aren't vastly different from the goals you might hear from others or read around the blogosphere. Mine need some fleshing out but perhaps if I remember they revolve around 'want' rather than 'could' or 'should', they will get just the right amount of attention and effort.



  1. I think that's a lovely set of things to aim for! :-) I've got read more on my list as well - I never seem to have the time to read except while on holiday. I'd like to go to more blogger events as well - if I hear of any more coming up in the Bristol/South West area I'll let you know! :-) x

    1. Thanks Louisa! I know what you mean about reading. I do have a little bit more time for reading in the morning as I've now moved slightly further out of town which requires a bus to work. But sometimes it's too full to hold the rail and a book, or the bus is so late that I am too annoyed to enjoy my book. Yes, definitely let me know of any nearby Blogger events.

  2. Ooooh! I love those containers in the drawer! We've just experimented with replacing one of the larder shelves with a basket instead and I love the result. The shelf looked packed beforehand, but when I replaced everything into the new basket there was oodles of space. Have now ordered more for the rest of the larder! (But some neat little compartments would also come in handy for little things that might fall over.)

    I'm aiming to read more this year, too. My kindle has lots of unread books on it that I need to wade through before I buy new ones! I'd also like to go to more blog events, too!

    1. I know right?! Organisation is f.u.n. Baskets are great too. :D

      Oh yes, I always seem to have a problem with unread books, especially on the Kindle app on my mobile. They're just so easy to forget about aren't they?