20 January 2014

Weird shit that I do

Beeta's recent post What makes you you? over at fill my little world got me thinking; what does make me me?

There are several components of a person that make them who they are, and I am no exception. There's being a 'Brummie' and having red hair. But a large component of who I am is probably all the weird shit that I do, and like, and dislike.

Such as? Well, here are just a few:

  • Counting stairs as I walk up them, wanting them to be an even number and my discomfort at reaching the top having counted them differently to 'normal'.
  • Eating jelly by pushing it through my teeth.
  • My confused lefty identity: I eat, and wear my watch and bag like a left-handed person.
  • Worrying about getting off the bus; what if my skirt is tucked in my knickers or I trip off the bus. This actually happened once.
  • My (psychological) gag reflex: the texture and mixture of some foods, brushing my teeth, and even over-analysing the food/meal I've just eaten can make me want to regurgitate. A lot of it is psychological and I am actually a hell of a lot better than I used to be would you believe. 
  • Drying my feet on the towel before I step out of the shower. Always.
  • My hatred for penne pasta. Oh come on! It is the worst one.
  • An intense affinity for science and physics.
  • Referring to the location of an item as its 'home'; I regularly ask 'Where does this live?' when referring to inanimate objects out of their 'home'.
  • How sensitive my teeth are and how much I hate the sound of scraping ice because it goes right through said teeth.
  • My dislike of chocolate ice-cream. 
  • The mild paranoia I have about looking after my feet and not wearing 'stupid shoes'.
  • Holding my wee in for far too long.
  • My desire to learn and master new skills.
  • The extent to which I cannot stand being called 'Jenny' or 'Saunders', or worse; both!
  • Actually cartwheeling when I'm happy or excited (or sometimes intoxicated).
  • How hilarious I find 'funny noises'.
  • My dislike for giving up, failing or admitting I need help.

Or maybe I'm romanticising when I think these things only apply to me...?



  1. You're honestly so lovely for mentioning me - thank you. This was a really fun post to read! It's funny because I obviously don't know you at all but this list has given me such a vivid image of what you might be like :) It's an interesting thought as well that you finished on - we must have so many traits and quirks in common with hundreds of people out there but just not ever know it. But in your circle of friends/family, those traits are unique to you.
    Lovely xxx

    1. It's true, though; I read your post and it got me thinking. Thanks for sharing. Yup, you're totally right.

  2. Oh, yes, penne pasta sucks, because you constantly suck in air when trying to eat them :(

    1. Finally, someone who speaks sense! Boycott penne.

  3. Sorry, Jen! I share quite a few of those quirks. However, it's the combination specific to you that makes you YOU. (Also, cutlery scraped across plates makes my teeth and ears hurt. Hate it. Worse than chalk on a board.)

    1. Oh, no need to apologise! I'm happy you're a fellow "weirdo" then! Ha! Yes, the sound of cutley-scraped plates is indeed horrible.

  4. I count stairs, too! What kind of a monster would even build an odd numbered staircase, anyway?!?