20 February 2014

Not averse to adverts

Having a Sky box that allows you to fast forward through adverts is great technology and a real perk of being an adult. But sometimes, I don't mind watching the adverts. In fact, sometimes I quite like them.

As a student, my housemates (and my ex’s housemates) and I used to play The Advert Game; guessing the advert before the product or company was revealed. It made forced advert time fun and some of us became pretty competitive.

I’m a particularly big fan of funny adverts and thought I’d put together a short playlist — about the length of an advert break I'd say — with some that have cropped up recently as well as some old favourites.

An advert about loans with a singing satsuma. An advert about free television channels with a singing cat and budgie. One about an online hotel comparison website that I cannot decide whether I like the Black Country accents. Child adults or adult children talking about Haribo (love the 'SANDWICH' moment). A olympian advertising internet services. Finally, diary milk.

And my favourite older adverts? EDF Energy featuring the EDF Flame (which looks more like an orange poo really), oh I simply love(d) him/her. My housemates found it quite odd. Then there's Old Spice. An advert for featuring eurodance hit 'Rhythm is a Dancer'. Finally, a moonwalking pony.

There must be many more but I simply cannot remember any others. I do enjoy a good advert!


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