27 April 2014

Sewing Saturday and a sewing page

This was totally supposed to be posted yesterday but I got somewhat waylaid... by sewing no less!

Since I finished the Sewing for Beginners class at Bristol's Folk House in March, I don't feel like I've done much sewing, hence the Sewing Saturday hiatus, but actually I did a couple of bits.

In other news, I've decided to have a Sewing page on the blog which will list my completed items with links to the blog posts, where relevant as well as those I have planned.


Wash bag

I made this as a gift to my Mom for Mother's Day, with this pretty flowery cotton and a waterproof lining inside the zippered pocket. Sadly, I made this in sewing class from a pattern the teacher Karen had so I'm not sure which one it is. Once I find out, I shall update this post.

Gingercake Getaway Duffle  |  ~£4  |  Child size (Adapted)

This was a gym bag for a friend and it ending up being a feat of construction (for me, anyway!) because I attempted to adapt it in a similar style to Vanessa of {lbg studio}, with a pink section along the bottom. Being quite new to sewing, I decided to take a shot in the dark and contact both Vanessa and Gingercake's Virginia for any tips or hints. They were ever so helpful! And if it weren't for their assistance, I'm not sure I would've managed it.

In terms of fabric, I opted for some Robert Kaufman Essex Linen — a cotton linen blend — in ivory and hot pink from Emma's Fabric Studio each for £8.40/metre, where you can buy by the quarter metre.

The trickiest part was trying to work out the length of the handles but I got there in the end, after quite a bit of unpicking. I was reasonably pleased with the outcome but if I made it again, I probably would've used a stiffer material.

Not the best photo, so do head over to {lbg studio} to feast your eyes.

Working on...

New Look 6968 - Misses' Dress  |  ~£6  |  View A

My first dress! I had a few different fabrics in my stash to choose from after a trip to London's Goldhawk Road but as it is my first project, and will potentially be susceptible to mistakes, I opted for some cheaper cotton. This spotty green caught my eye and was a good price at ~£4/metre. I started cutting everything out on Tuesday and after around 8 hours of sewing yesterday I'm probably about 50% of the way through. Cannot wait to finish! Watch this space for a completed post.


Sewaholic's Belcarra Blouse!

So, what have you been sewing?



  1. I have been sewing 13 rainbow colour ballet tutus.... and peg aprons. I have the pattern for a Washi Dress (Made by Rae) and I am planning a quilt. Long term projects really. Your bags are amazing, I have never attempted zippered bags. Enjoy your new projects! :-)

    1. They all sounds great projects Christina! I hope to see some photos. Thanks a lot for the compliment!