13 May 2014

May Playlist

This month's playlist is a little more chilled out and features a good proportion of newly uncovered sounds.

There is one artist whose song(s) I wanted to include in this month's playlist but alas, they aren't on Spotify or rdio yet. So I'm sharing them from Soundcloud. If you're a fan of Haim, CHVRCHES and, Tegan and Sara, Allie X is for you!

Hope you enjoy!



  1. I LOVE Chvrches. But part of me always pronounces the name Cha-vurches. I cannot help myself. How on earth ARE you supposed to say it!

    1. Ha! I know, I had no idea how the hell you were supposed to say it. Another one I discovered recently: SBTRKT that is apparently pronounced subtract which I can see but it's not exactly clear! I was just saying S-B-T-R-K-T.