17 June 2014

The year in books: June

Last month's reads firmly spilled over into June but I have finally finished them so here we are again.


Fractured - Dani Atkins (2013)

date finished: 16 June 2014   |   ISBN: 9781781857106   |   pages: 304 (Kindle)

Rachel Wiltshire is a 23 year old with, by most people's standards, a rather unhappy and unfortunate life which all takes a turn for the worst when at 18, she loses one of her best childhood friends, Jimmy, in a car accident. Rachel awakens from a second accident to find the last five years of her life as she has known them, erased and written over by an alternative history in which Jimmy is now living.

This was quite an interesting take on splintered fate, parallel universes, destiny, and so on and so forth. However, I don't think I'd prepared myself for this being as much of a love story as it was. At points I found myself getting a little agitated at Rachel and the storyline meaning it sometimes became a little of a chore to read — hence me not finishing it until mid-June — but this was often countered by me agreeing and identifying with some of her actions. The twist at the end wasn't entirely predictable but the required attachment to each of the characters was somewhat underdeveloped for me personally meaning the ending fell just a little bit flat. A quick and easy read that some may enjoy the romance of. The Kindle edition is still only 59p on Amazon too!

rating: ★★★☆☆


Time to reacquaint myself with some treeware as this month's book isn't on the Kindle. June's book, a birthday present from a friend, is Ghostwritten by David Mitchell.
In nine corners of the globe, nine characters from an art thief in Saint Petersburg to a terrorist in Okinawa hurtle towards a shared destiny, oblivious to the intriguing ways their lives intersect and influence each other. From this dazzlingly original novel of love, metaphysics, history, politics and ghosts emerges an unforgettable visions of our common humanity.

Also read in May...

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner #1) - James Dashner (2013)

date finished: 7 June 2014   |   ISBN: 9781921989742   |   pages: 384 (Kindle)

A young adult story of dystopia which, whilst I've not read many dystopian pieces, I can certainly say I enjoyed, albeit not quite as much as The Hunger Games. Some of the writing was a little lazy at times and some of the characters failed to come alive for me. I was intrigued by the maze itself — Labyrinth anyone?! — but I was somewhat disappointed by the outcome on that front. The monsters were certainly aimed at a younger readership and whilst an author cannot be expected to write for all ages, they jarred with me. Despite all of that, it was a good read and I'd rate it somewhere between 3 and 3.5 stars. There were a mixture of views in our book club; from the recommending book club member absolutely hating it to most finding it fairly innocuous. I would be interested to see how the story progresses and have made vague plans to read the second and third in the series.

rating: ★★★

Reading now...

Sleep Tight - Rachel Abbott

What are you reading?


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15 June 2014

June Playlist

A tiiiiny bit delayed this month but I know you lot are cool. Let's jump in!

Oh and another song not available on Spotify that I've been addicted to!


11 June 2014

Happy 6th Blog-a-versary

This little beaut of a blog is 6 today! Can't quite believe it. Sometimes, it's more than I imagined, and other times I know it could be so much more...if I just put a little more time in.

But Happy Birthday my love!

Whilst searching for an appropriate photo for this year's post on Flickr, I stumbled across a plethora of LEGO stormtrooper based scenes. A deviation from the cake theme I typically have each year, but too cute not to include.

Although I don't quite have enough time to make cupcakes with a number in the centre (!) like last year, I shall be making a concerted effort to finally finish and post all of those draft blog posts I have sitting around! Such as?

  • June Playlist
  • The year in books: June
  • Ich bin ein Berliner — all about my trip to Berlin
  • 2014 | 0.5 — mid-year review
  • Chronicles of replacing a damaged British passport — my letter to Her Majesty's Passport Office
  • Several sewing posts!
  • OKCupid or StupidCupid? — the dating series
  • New abode — moving house (again!) and house-based Pinterest porn 



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