30 July 2014


Well, it's July (what?! it's still July!) and we're already 211 days through the year. 57%. Strictly speaking 0.6 but let's say halfway (mainly for the purposes of my 'cleverly' constructed post title).

A lot can happen in 5,064 hours. Has it? Yes and no I suppose.

Back in January, rather than a list of goals, I formulated a collection of 'wants'. Let's review.
FRIENDSHIPS. This — making the effort to meet up with distant friends — is certainly still something I need to work on but there's still 154 days, right...?
BLOG. Whether the undulating nature of my blogging will ever change is something I cannot say as this year has so far been similar to previous years. With 37 posts so far, that's an average of about one a week, but there have been bouts of e-silence. Room for improvement? Definitely! The last two months or so I have struggled to find the time really, as well as the inclination sometimes; staring at a computer screen all day at work and not having a proper desk at home until recently have affected my eagerness. But my sparkly new desk, which I now write to you from, should facilitate a reboot and I am expecting good things! On a more positive note, I've started to develop the sewing element of the blog. I'm not sure quite how much it will, or won't, grow but I certainly wanted to share some of it.
CRAFT. This leads on well from above. After 10 weeks of a dressmaking course, I've been steadily developing my sewing skills; homesewn items thus far have included a scarf, dress, skirt, two shorts and four tops. And there's certainly more where that came from! I love it. Other craft has been few and far between but the wifey (new housemate) is particularly crafty and we have a number of plans to craft specific elements of our new home. Watch this space!
READ. To help accomplish this want, I gave myself a target of reading 20 books in 2014 along with taking part in the year in books project organised by Laura at Circle of Pine Trees. With the exception of this month, I have read an average of two books every month so am actually one book ahead of schedule with 12/20. So nurrr! I'm also still very happy to receive book recommendations, so sling 'em my way. 
EXPLORE. This one is difficult to quantify. I've certainly been saying a few more yes's resulting in more trips, festivals, nights out, charity events as well as on the horizon, a group holiday to Italy and attendance at a friend's wedding in Sri Lanka. Albeit not great for the bank balance, it's all certainly very fun!
DECISIONS. BE OPEN. Perhaps linked to the preceding want, this one is also difficult to measure. Of note so far: having some fun with dating, whether it be dating apps, online dating or giving more credence to meeting someone in a drinking establishment,. Results are, thus far, pending.
The only thing that doesn't neatly fit into any of the above is my return to two wheels. Whilst I'm not generally just a fair-weather cyclist (some weather ain't for trifling with), hills are not for my asthma-ridden lungs so the acquisition of a flat cycle route to work, I was straight back on my bike. The only issue is the plethora of people littering the cycling paths. Sigh. But they're still better than hills.

I wonder what the other 154 days are going to bring? Already on the agenda is more travelling, but the rest is tba.

How's your 2014 been so far?


Image credit: Svetlana Bilenkina, The Chic Type Blog, Free July Wallpapers.


  1. Lovely post. I've been looking back over July and wondering where the heck it's gone! My new year wishlist has been somewhat abandoned but there is still time...
    I've just finished all The Hunger Games books (I know, I know, everyone else read them eons ago), but if you haven't yet, then most definitely do.

    1. Thanks Hazel! I quite enjoyed writing it, and looking back over the year. They're certainly not SMART goals so I'm neing a bit hand-wavey and vague really but I think I'll let it pass.

      Oh yes, I've read The Hunger Games books! They're good, it's a shame there are just the three actually.

  2. Your sewing achievements sound amazing, will we get a chance to see them? I am pretty hopeless when it comes to sewing - I can machine stitch in a (vaguely) straight line, enough to make cushion covers or curtains, but anything more involved than that is beyond my patience and skill.

    1. Oh I do hope you will get to see them! I really need to take some photos and share them with you all. I'm not entirely sure I can achieve clothing with straight lines and as much as I would like them to be, they certainly won't be prefect but am definitely giving it a go anyway. :D I know what you mean about patience as well; it several points as I learn I just have to say to myself 'that's good enough.'

  3. I've enjoyed reading about your sewing exploits, and they were part of my decision to take the plunge and buy a machine myself! Admittedly it's still in the box, but I'm hoping to at least watch the instruction DVD tonight...

    1. Oh yaaaay! You brought a machine?! That's excellent! It doesn't matter that it's still in the box, there's loads of time. I am excited to hear what might happen after the instruction DVD! :D I wonder what you have planned!