29 July 2014

July Playlist

Shall we play a little game? Let's see how many July-specific posts we can cram into the last 3 days of July. Yeeeeeah! I just knew you'd be on board. /sarcasm

And during August, I might just make you literally* vomit with my overindulgence in blogging. Keep your diaries clear.


Anyway, featuring 80% 2014 (and new to me) music, I present this month's playlist. Have a ball y'all.

p.s. I'm almost definitely sure no-one actually listens to these but I enjoy the look of them all, just there in the right sidebar. And my perfectionism means I cannot stop until I have a collection of all 12 months. Yay me.



  1. I listen. I like other people collecting music for me. Some songs I skip, some songs I look up the artist for more stuff. Sometimes, I just have it in the background while I work. So thanks.

    1. Thanks Flix (I hope it's OK if I call you that?)! I didn't mean to discount anyone that may indeed be listening, it's just been very difficult to tell if anyone actually is. Oh yes, I don't expect anyone to like all 10 songs. To be honest, by next month, I might not even like all 10 songs (as much).

      Thanks for listening! And commenting. :D