28 January 2015

The Big Blog Clothes Swap

You may have already seen this around the blogosphere but if not, Janet of Words That Can Only Be Your Own and Steph of The Wardrobe Angel are organising a big blog clothes swap!

Janet has been wanting to run a clothes swap for ages, but was intimidated by the amount of work that was potentially needed, along with the fear that, after all that work, no-one would turn up! Then Janet and her soon-to-be-sister-in-law Steph put their heads together and the idea was born.

The swap will gather together as many bloggers, and blog readers (you don't have to be a blogger!), as possible, who will be paired according to size and off you swap! The swap is inclusive of all sizes and will also include shoes and accessories. The deadline for posting your swap-package is 10 March.

I don't know about you, but I have a good number of clothes, shoes and accessories waiting patiently in my wardrobe, show drawer and jewellery box to be worn. And there they stay. I always think they could be good for someone else. And I give lots to charity shops but some items always seemed just a little too nice to let go in that direction. The idea of a real-world clothes swap has always intimidated me, and that's just attending! It's the same as vintage fairs: what do I do there?! I feel like an imposter. Yeah, intimidating. So when I saw this: hell yeah! was my first thought.

Want to take part? To sign up, e-mail the following information to either jbistheinitial@gmail.com or info@wardrobeangel.co.uk, by 9 February:

Blog address and/or social media:
Clothes size (if you need to split this for tops/bottoms, do):
Shoe size:
Swapping preferences (for example, Do you want to swap one item only or more? Do you have specific clothing preferences, e.g. dresses only? Would you be willing, or prefer, to swap shoes, bags, accessories, etc?):

Janet and Steph will wade through the responses and pair you with someone of the same size. You can then always use social media to get to know your partner and their style. Or just opt for the surprise effect!

So who's in?!


Image credit: Provided by and reproduced with permission from Janet @ Words Can Only Be Your Own


  1. Thanks for spreading the word dude!

  2. Yay, I'm taking part in this too! :-) xx

  3. Woop! I'm very intrigued as I've not really done anything like it before. Just hoping I have some nice things to swap. : ) x

  4. A big hello from your swap partner!!

  5. Yay! Hello back 'atcha partner! Fingers crossed I have some items you'll like!