20 February 2015

February in New York


That's what February in New York is: damn cold! And this year saw record low temperatures, even New Yorkers were exclaiming it was cold.

So yes, to pre-celebrate my 30th birthday, myself and three friends decided to hit up the Big Apple for 5 days. We had an awesome time! We visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the top of the Rockefeller Centre: Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Brewery, NY MoMA, World Trade Center Memorial, Magnolia Bakery, the City's Highline, and of course ate a shedload of good food.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a photomentary.



  1. Photomentary might be my new favourite word. Ever.
    God I hope I get to go to New York before I die.

  2. Why is everyone I know (virtually and otherwise) gallivanting off to New York at the mo? I'm not bitter...
    Such brilliant photos and yep, photomentary is a stupendous word.
    M x

  3. There's nowhere quite like New York. I've been in the depths of winter, with drifts of snow piled up, and during a summer heatwave where I thought I'd pass out in 40 degree temperatures, but even in insanely difficult weather it's still the best place on earth.

  4. Can we start a campaign to get Photomentary into the dictionary? Excellent pictures, I went on my own back in 2002 and loved it, saying to myself when I left, next time I go I want to take an other half with me. I'm currently badgering him at the moment, trying to convince him it would be a fab place to go for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2017. So far, he's not buying it but I reckon I've got a bit of time to work on him :-) xx

  5. Glad you like it, I felt all experimental with it and expected to be scoffed at. You should definitely go before you die!

  6. I know! Lots of New York trips for people I know too. Just before I was due to come back, I discovered at least 2 people I know were in NY at the same time as me. Thanks for complimenting my photos, they were taken on my iPhone, I'm still a little broken up about not having a working DSLR any more. Sadface.

  7. It was my first time there and it truly was wonderful! I'd definitely go back again. My mind is blown by the fact that it can be so cold and so hot in the same place!

  8. Ha yes, we should try to! Oh it was my first time and I'm not sure I'd been super interested in it in the past but my friend suggested it for my birthday and I thought why not. SO glad I went! And yes, you should definitely persuade Andrew to go for your 10th anniversary! Keep working on him!

  9. Photomentary is a most excellent word, I agree.
    Despite it being cold it looks like you had lovely bright days, I have to go back one day, I have to!