08 May 2015

Day in the Life 2.0 #BEDM

Let's ignore that I've not posted since mid-February (quality over quantity, right? At least that's what I'm telling myself) and that I'm not actually taking part in Elizabeth's BEDM, mainly because I am currently being a crap blogger. I mean, there are other reasons, the usual busyness etc. but also that I am now blogging as part of my job which removes some of the enthusiasm somewhat. I did take part in BEDM 2013 and it was a very fun challenge. But like 2014, I decided to opt-out this year.

But then I started seeing others' BEDM posts and I got those jealous vibes. And now it's May 8... so I'm late. We know I'm not going to blog every day for the whole month. You know it. I know it.

I've basically got fomo. So now I can't stop myself. I'm getting involved. I'll be using some of the BEDM prompts but daily it shall not be. In the style of sweeping a difficult conversation under the carpet; let's not talk about it, let's just enjoy it while it lasts.

What does my day look like? Well, it largely looks the same as my average day in 2013 except I have a different shower (and residence), my Clarks brogues are now 2.0, and I've grown that index finger back...

This is recycling content isn't it?

Again, we both know it is. But I'm going to let it slide, maybe you can too?



  1. I only signed up to BEDM this year by telling myself I wouldn't actually blog every day, but so far I've managed it, to my own surprise. Think this next week will be the one where I fall down though.

  2. Welcome back to #BEDM even if it is sporadic! :-)

  3. I can't bear to look back and see when I last posted. What matters is that we've posted Now! I might aim for a lofty goal of once a month ;)